About us - The creators of Responza

We are a company that is passionate about customer service and driven by seeing our customers' service centers become sharper, deeper, and more efficient thanks to our product, Responza. Whether our customers are public authorities, exclusive car manufacturers, global furniture chains, or system support, we want to help them improve their customer service.

We are experts in applying knowledge to customer service, and our team has a deep understanding of the technical ecosystem surrounding the contact center, process optimization, and ensuring the business case. We have developed a unique knowledge base, Responza, which has over 10,000 agents across the Nordic countries. Our customers use Responza to improve the customer experience and efficiency in their customer service across channels.

Responza is the result of over 10 years of development of system support for knowledge management best practice. The idea of democratizing knowledge and the mission of making knowledge accessible to everyone was born when the founders of Responza worked on knowledge sharing and process optimization in the public sector on a consulting project in Greenland. They experienced that many opportunities, such as education, depended on whether one was on good terms with the local authority. They wanted to change this and ensure that everyone had access to knowledge.

We are more than a classic software provider because we are also specialists in knowledge management and have unique knowledge about knowledge. Our main mission is to ensure that our customers' knowledge projects are a success - just like all the other knowledge projects we have delivered to date.

It is important for us that customers perceive us as a sparring partner. From the decision to use a knowledge platform, through the entire implementation process that enables our customers to work with Best Practice Knowledge Management, to the launch of a Responza Knowledge knowledge platform.

-Founders of Spitze & Co.

Spitze & Co. - The creators of Responza Knowledge

Martine Koehler Andersen


Martine is an expert in knowledge management and has worked on optimizing contact centers, customer service, and processes using knowledge and knowledge solutions since earning her Master's degree in Computational Linguistics. Martine has been responsible for some of the largest implementations of knowledge for service use in Denmark, such as the establishment of a knowledge base when Politiets 114 was formed and replaced 57 police districts, as well as the establishment of UdbetalingDanmark from 98 municipalities. Martine has worked and still works with the largest American knowledge solutions on the market and helps ensure that Responza is on par with or better than them.

Martine@SpitzeCo.dkTlf: +45 2261 9109

Carsten Steffensen

Head of Technology

Carsten is a technical expert in knowledge solutions and their interaction with call center technologies. For the past 15 years, Carsten has been working on the forefront of IT development of knowledge solutions and has been leading numerous integration and development projects. You can meet Carsten throughout your project, especially with a focus on integrations, technical clarifications, as well as configuration and setup.

Carsten holds a MSc degree in Information Science and is responsible for the technical aspects of Responza.

Carsten@SpitzeCo.dkTlf: +45 4055 6881

Linnea Jørgensen

Knowledge Management Expert

Linnea has helped many of Spitze's customers through the implementation and realization of knowledge projects.
You can therefore meet her throughout your project, from start-up, vision and strategy to training and execution.

Linnea has a Master's degree in Business Administration, specializing in knowledge sharing, and has worked as a Knowledge Manager in the Danish Business Authority for 4 years.

Linnea@SpitzeCo.dkTlf: +45 6060 1801

Joen Magieres

Knowledge Management Consultant

Joen brings with him significant experience from the service industry as well as the public sector. He has studied management in both private and public organizations, from SMEs and municipalities to ministries and agencies. Over the years, he has particularly focused on optimizing the cultural and structural aspects of organizations.

You can meet Joen in the early stages of your journey with Responza Knowledge.

Joen@SpitzeCo.dkTlf: +45 4055 1237

Ellen Thaarslund

Knowledge Management Consultant

Ellen is a knowledge management consultant with expertise in communicating complex subject matters. With a background in editorial work and experience in communication and text processing, you can meet her in the writing process and communication part of your knowledge project.

Ellen has a master's degree with a specialization in language and communication.


Christoph Froeschel

IT Architect

Christoph primarily works with IT/Cloud architecture and backend development of Responza. Through this, Christoph has a great experience in translating the customers' business needs into technical solutions in Responza Knowledge. We ensure that our customers' knowledge is accessible and exhibited on all relevant channels and platforms. Christoph uses his knowledge of cloud computing and backend development to ensure that customers always have access to a secure and reliable software platform. You can meet Christoph when there are questions about specific technical solutions, and he is always available when customers need help or suggestions for a new integration.


Laasi Lundblad

Developer, Support

Laasi brings extensive experience in UX and web design, ensuring that Responza's customers have their look and feel set up as best as possible.
He also works with UX/UI in Responza and assists customers with questions and error reports.
Laasi is educated as a web integrator and multimedia designer and has been with Spitze & Co. since 2016.