Our partners

I Spitze & Co. we strive to work with partners who have shown excellent results in their field. Each of these partners are established companies that have gained international reputation. Responza Knowledge is compatible with each of their solutions, vice versa.

Read more about our collaborations below.


Puzzel is based on 20 years of experience, and they were among the first to develop a cloud-based contact center. Today, Puzzel combines omnichannel technology with artificial intelligence (AI) and offers complete solutions for customer dialogue in the digital age. Puzzel is headquartered in Oslo and has offices in the United Kingdom, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Bulgaria. Puzzel is passionate about delivering innovative solutions for customer dialogue.

The puzzle solution for Responza offers a fully integrated access to knowledge from your Responza solution, and can help you both increase your customer and employee satisfaction, as well as lower your AHT.


Topdesk began their journey in 1993 when they set up their first service management software. Their goal has been to help other companies make their service better, simpler and smarter. Since then, they have developed their repertoire to holistically embrace everything companies need in terms of service management.

Responza knowledge can be displayed directly in TOPdesk for your agents, using the well-known TOPdesk interface - supported by knowledge and search from Responza. Maintain the knowledge of agents and maintain your knowledge across channels in one place.


Vergic can help you orchestrate how, why and when to engage with customers during their digital journey. With their software, Vergic Engage, you can mix, match and move seamlessly between BOT-assisted services, external messaging channels, live chat, video and more. These collaboration tools make it easy to interact with customers even in complex support and advisory interactions. Vergic Engage is a modular and open platform designed to work easily with other systems and applications when needed.

The Responza integration with Vergic offers full access to your knowledge from Responza, directly in Vergic's agent desktop. Answer your inquiries quickly with automatic suggestions for the interaction from Responza.


Every year, Genesys delivers more than 70 billion remarkable customer experiences to organizations in over 100 countries. Through Cloud and AI, their technology connects every customer moment across marketing, sales and service on every channel while enhancing employee experiences. Genesys has supported that organizations of any size can offer true personalization on a large scale, empathic interaction and thus promote customer trust and loyalty. This is made possible by Genesys Cloud, an all-in-one solution and the world's leading public cloud contact center platform designed for rapid innovation, scalability and flexibility.

The integration with Genesys exhibits Responza knowledge directly in your PureCloud platform, and can be used seamlessly across channels.


Atea has a comprehensive range of products and solutions and helps you with the entire palette - from design, development and product improvement, to function and maintenance. By creating a world-class IT infrastructure, Atea is helping to form the foundation for a more innovative Denmark.