Automate your customer dialogue with a knowledge-based chatbot

With Responza you get the best possible starting point to get off to a good start with a chatbot. We have been following chatbot's for several years, and the very basic idea of automating customer dialogue is good. But successful automation requires that your knowledge is organized - that you design the optimal customer dialogue in advance, that you have standard answers, and that those answers work. This means that there must be a deep and gifted knowledge base behind any chatbot. It does that very rarely and the results are then.

Another challenge is that some vendors claim that the bot itself learns. That is a wrong and naive assumption in relation to where we stand with AI today. It is therefore still the knowledge management solution and the routines behind a chatbot that determine whether it works - not AI.

With Responza Knowledge you can organize, streamline and distribute your knowledge across channels
from one and the same article. In this way, you ensure control over the knowledge that the bot uses -
that it is correct and in accordance with the knowledge and answers on your other channels. Our
chatbot also has a rule-based engine, which makes it easy to guide the customer in the right direction
via banners and guides in the form of text and page flow, and thus makes it easier to retain the
customer on the digital channel.

Now we are able to use our knowledge with correct, consolidated answers, not just a good guess from an Al bot

- CTO, Norway

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