• Improves time and quality in case processing
  • Supports and operationalizes authority responsibility
  • Strengthens innovation and your collective intelligence
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Why Responza Knowledge?

Documented positive business case-every time
Documented positive business case
-every time
50 % fasterand better‍training
50 % faster
and better
28 % reduction in case processing time -fewer errors
28 % reduction in case processing time
-fewer errors
Valued by +200,000 user‍in Europe
Valued by
+200,000 user
in Europe
In operation witheffect within‍just 3 weeks
In operation with
effect within
just 3 weeks

With Responza KnowledgePublic™ you get

  • A standard solution for the public sector that ensures best practice knowledge sharing
  • The option to collect and handle all your knowledge sources in one place  
  • Consistency and efficiency in case processing with good administrative practice
  • A simple and accessible administration module that enables agile knowledge sharing – also across authorities
  • Easy, resource efficient and implementation in less than 2 weeks

See Responza Customer Service, if you work in a citizen/customer service department or read how we helped the Danish infection detection during Covid-19.

Responza Knowledge is a knowledge system that meets all the requirements for a
knowledge solution and helps your company to even better case processing and advice.

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Responza Knowledge Public™  is a unified
knowledge platform for knowledge sharing

Intuitive and easy search
Intuitive and
easy search
​Sophisticated technology that makes it easy to quickly and accurately search for knowledge.
Easy access for knowledge
Easy access
for knowledge
Option to search by keyword and to divide into categories.
Flexible display options
Flexible display options
Access-controlled display that ensures the exact knowledge that is needed.
Available on all platforms
Available on
all platforms
Responsive design out-of-box available on all platforms.

Once and for all, Responza Knowledge cracks the code for internal knowledge sharing, so that your collective intelligence is strengthened
Once and for all, Responza Knowledge cracks the code for internal knowledge sharing, so that your collective intelligence is strengthened

-Martine Koehler Andersen, Founder & CEO of Responza Knowledge

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Knowledge Management solves siloed knowledge

Knowledge management system, knowledge solution, knowledge platform and FAQ. The terms mean the same thing. Knowledge sharing is essentially about what the word so nicely says. To share knowledge.

When knowledge is divided into silos, you lose the knowledge foundation that is needed in order to be creative across organizational disciplines and subject areas.

Knowledge Management breaks down the biggest barriers that suppress your employees' creativity and problem solving.

It's about making sure that your employees have the right knowledge at hand so that they can create the most advantageous solution to the challenge they are facing.

Responza Knowledge centralizes your knowledge and involves all knowledge sources, so you can distribute content and answers to all relevant employees.

Knowledge Management solves siloed knowledge

How do you succeed with a knowledge solution/Responza Knowledge?

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principles that make your knowledge project a success.

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