Ties all workflows, answers, and guides together in one knowledge center
  • Customer Service
  • Knowledge Sharing
  • Case Handling Procedures
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Responza Knowledge

Responza Knowledge is a knowledge management solution that integrates all your workflows, answers, and guidelines in a comprehensive and cohesive manner. It functions as a centralized knowledge management platform that employees can utilize in their daily work.

Furthermore, Responza Knowledge enables fast and accurate searching, allowing employees to find answers to questions or solutions to problems without having to ask colleagues or spend time searching through various sources. It gathers and structures your existing knowledge and experience, making it easier to leverage existing resources and avoid repetitive errors.

The knowledge solution can also be regularly updated and maintained, ensuring that it always contains the latest information and best practices. This facilitates communication and knowledge sharing across the organization, as all employees have access to the same updated knowledge.

Overall, our knowledge solution creates a cohesive and structured work process that assists employees in performing their tasks more efficiently and accurately. It reduces the time spent searching for information and ensures that the right knowledge is available when needed. As a result, it contributes to optimizing workflows and increasing productivity within the organization.

Why Responza Knowledge?

Documented positive business case-every time
Documented positive business case
-every time
50 % fasterand better‍training
50 % faster
and better
28 % reduction in case processing time -fewer errors
28 % reduction in case processing time
-fewer errors
Valued by +200,000 user‍in Europe
Valued by
+200,000 user
in Europe
In operation witheffect within‍just 3 weeks
In operation with
effect within
just 3 weeks

With Responza Knowledge you get

  • A best practice approach to knowledge sharing
  • A platform to gather all your knowledge in one place
  • Europe's strongest knowledge management team, ensuring a fast and successful implementation
  • Access to knowledge managers who are always ready to help
  • User-friendliness which makes it easy to work with the platform
  • The most innovative and user-friendly knowledge platform on the market
A best practice approach to knowledge sharing

Which solution suits you?

Responza Knowledge
Responza Knowledge Enterprise
For instructions, workflows, answers and processes
Responza Knowledge
Responza Knowledge Public
For all knowledge in municipalities and other authorities
Responza Knowledge
Customer Service™
Responza Knowledge Customer Service
For customer service centers and online customer service

A knowledge management system is an faq software for knowledge sharing, that helps create
a  knowledge base to support the work with knowledge in your company or organization.

With a knowledge management solution, you become experts in your own knowledge.

How do you succeed with a knowledge solution/Responza?
Download our guide and read about the four essential principles that make your knowledge project a success.

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