Optimization of customer service center

It is in the meeting with the customer that your company is defined. Our DNA is to create the perfect situation in this meeting – both for the customer and for the employee.

Let us help you optimize your customer service

Let us help you optimize your customer service

Are you realizing the full potential of your customer service? Are you making optimal use of the channels? And do you offer the right ones? Does your organization make optimal use of the customer service function?

There are many questions, and the answer is not always straightforward. Therefore, with our agile service optimization service, we help you to create a foundation for the right changes in relation to optimizing your customer centre. Our concept is the result of thousands of hours that our experienced consultants have spent in customer service centres. 

Briefly, the service consists of four agile phases, where we come up with concrete improvement initiatives that are based on your challenges and wishes for an efficient customer service center. We provide a task force of experienced consultants who, with a "trained eye", arrive at a conclusion after only a few days of work in your customer center.

The observation and interview phase
The observation and interview phase
  • Observation at relevant units and all touch points
  • Observe concrete inquiries on all channels close to reality
Diagnostics and desktop analysis
Diagnostics and desktop analysis
  • Analysis based on observations, collected data and interviews
  • Carried out as desktop work, where we analyze and draw conclusions from the observations
  • Spitze presents findings and conclusions as well as suggestions for recommendations, and these are discussed and processed in a joint workshop with customer service
Action plans
Action plans
  • Preparation of an action plan in the form of an overview of relevant and obvious initiatives, as well as key prerequisites

Typical outputs of service optimization:

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