Customer case - The Danish Business Authority


The result
In 2016, the Danish Business Authority faced the challenge of moving jobs from Copenhagen to Nykøbing Falster. The government had chosen that it was precisely the customer center that was to move. The consequence of this decision was, among other things, that there was, of course, a massive drop-out of employees.

The solution
The Danish Business Authority decided that a Responza Knowledge solution should support the recruitment of many new employees without loss of service level, quality or employee satisfaction.

The result
With a knowledge base that involved all the most qualified sources of knowledge in the agency, the Danish Business Authority was able to transfer the basic high level of knowledge they had in Copenhagen to Nykøbing Falster. ​ Dropouts did less damage, while new hires could more easily get an overview of what they needed to know in order to help Danish companies.   In terms of the Danish Business Authority's professional handling of both the establishment of a contact center and the relocation of government workplaces, they gained the task with the joint public contact center and therefore had to accept many new tasks and new employees. The prerequisites for success in this process were again significantly optimized with Responza Knowledge.

The Danish Business Authority

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