Master certification in Knowledge Management

Spitze & Co.
October 16, 2019

Aim for efficient knowledge management and create the basis for your further digitization - an education with a focus on service and support functions.


Why is it difficult to share knowledge? Why have many companies, despite diligent efforts, had to see themselves knocked out of personal relationships, personal agendas and ad hoc?

Many companies are now in no doubt about how important an effective knowledge sharing solution is - among other things for the sake of professionalism, employee well-being and net income - but why is it so difficult?

It is often underestimated what competencies it requires to be able to handle knowledge optimally

We believe (and haveseen many times) that it is often because many underestimate the competencies it takes to be able to handle knowledge optimally. A knowledge manager must be able to put on many different hats during the day. The role requires competencies within management, communication and organization. When you need to be able to switch between many different levels during a day, it is important that you are properly dressed for the part and have the right tools at hand.

A driving license for Knowledge Management

We have made a training in knowledge management, the content of which is based on 20 years of experience within the subject itself. After more than 50 knowledge implementations in Denmark and abroad, we have gathered best practice and hands-on experiences, which we have continued and integrated into the education.


The education equips your employee to manage the job as a knowledge manager and consists of four modules, which are based on well-proven methods to ensure success with knowledge management and implementation of the knowledge solution.

Vision & organization

Knowledge management pillars of the discipline. Run a short and effective process and learn to work out a vision and set a governance structure that works and can be easily implemented - not just in theory, but also in practice. The module is based on best practice organizational models for knowledge management.

Knowledge management in practice

Establishment of practice around knowledge and solution management. Learn to structure and categorize knowledge and construct articles to suit the usage and communication situation. Beneficiary groups and their use.

Power your knowledge

Put your knowledge into play across all channels, partners and customers. Collection and cross-examination of knowledge sources.

Integrations for chatbots, chats, email, contact form and tickets. Fine-tuning setup and / or configurations.

Operation and securing of business case

Ensuring the four best practice processes for knowledge management. Reporting to management. ROI triggers and documentation. KPI on knowledge and contemplation with average talk time and immediate clarification.

The four modules provide a fundamental understanding of best practice knowledge management. This includes an understanding of how to create a vision and mission for the knowledge work, how to run a knowledge organization, how to best create knowledge and how to secure the business case.


Modules are recommended to be taken together, but it is also possible to pick a module if you need to zoom in on a specific area.


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