Responza now gives you even better insight into your data

Spitze & Co.
April 14, 2022

In the latest release, Responza has got a new reporting platform. We have placed emphasis on creating a solution that provides the best performance and ease of use. In this way, you as a user can get a quick and accurate overview of all business-critical information contained in Responza and thereby give your company the ability to make quick database decisions.


In this blog post, we take a closer look at how the module gives you insight into your company's data and what opportunities it provides.

How does the reportation platform work?

In Responza, we have built our own method of collecting data. We have done this in order to focus on data points that are relevant to best practice Knowledge Management. In practice, this means that data is collected in a Business Intelligence tool called Power BI and from there is readily available for analysis.

The new reporting platform gives you the following three options for data analysis:

  • Direct analysis in the report, which is located in Responza: Here it is possible to pull reports and make analyzes directly in the web browser. The reports are flexible and thus allow you to focus on the data points that are important for your particular company.
  • Export of data to Excel: All data from the reports can be exported to Excel, from which it is possible to make further analyzes of the data set.
  • Exporting raw data: Using our API, it is possible to export raw data and use it to build your own applications that provide information about the use of Responza in your company.

Get smarter through your data

With the new reporting platform, you get a perfect starting point for analyzing your company's user behavior on Responza.

In the following, we give some ideas on how you can get the most out of the data contained in Responza using the different types of data analysis.

  • Daily overview of the most visited articles: By using the standard reports, you can quickly see, for example, the most visited articles in the knowledge platform. In this way you can identify popular topic areas and on the basis of this, find out whether you should expand or improve the content within these topics.  
  • Analysis in Excel: If you want to go a step further, you can export report data to Excel, from which it is possible to make more advanced analyzes. Among other things, you can filter your data set and, for example, take a closer look at the keywords that do not give a search result and how often a word has been searched without a result being delivered. Based on this information, you can expand the knowledge platform and thereby ensure that it contains the information that is requested in your organization.
  • Export of data using API: If you want to use the collected data for your own analyzes, it is possible to access raw data using our API. You can use this raw data to develop your own applications. Examples of using this data are merging data with your organization's internal data in your own BI system or building Azure Logic Apps to automate daily routines such as getting an overview of how many users have seen an article or news item.

Unleash your creativity

As you can see, there are plenty of opportunities to analyze and apply data from Responza using the new reporting platform. Therefore, it is obvious to unleash your creativity and find the solutions that use data and support your business in the best way.

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