Organize and utilize all of your knowledge

A quality knowledge base should be at the heart of everything you do. With Responza, you can easily organize and manage all knowledge in your organization and thus ensure that your customers and employees can get the right answer, at the right time, on the right channel.

About Responza

Responza Knowledge is a web-based knowledge solution that is intuitive and easy to use for both customers and employees. Unlike the largest American knowledge solutions, Responza was created to handle the Scandinavian languages and work approaches, which makes the knowledge solution unique in relation to search in multiple languages including English, Danish, Swedish, and Norwegian.

With Responza you can gather all your knowledge in one place and ensure that your knowledge is always searchable, updated, and validated. In addition, the knowledge solution can be customized to your needs and can easily integrate with your existing IT systems. This allows you to achieve a standardization and streamlining of responses to your customers across channels and employees.

With Responza you always get the best features and options - no matter the size of your company.
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Best of breed

Responza is a dedicated knowledge solution that supports service and integrates with all channels - regardless of technology

Developed by knowledge management experts

Developed in Denmark by leading experts in knowledge management in Scandinavian interaction between all our customers

Fully integratable

Compatible with existing infrastructure and is not dependent on switching in call center platform, chat or mail system

Scandinavian based search

The only knowledge solution that searches precisely on the many unique and complex words we have in the Nordic countries. For example, "naturgasaftale" or "støvsuger", which would be two or more words in English

100% web-based cloud solution

Used throughout Scandinavia

Used by organizations throughout Scandinavia within finance, public service and retail

Integrates independently of existing IT environment

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How to implement best practices in your organization

Responza is a cloud solution that runs after a few days in your organization and it can grow with the success and scale of your customer service. Our well-proven implementation concept creates the best framework for continuous best practice knowledge management in your organization.

Vision and organization

This point ensures effective and synchronized governance as well as a project delegation with a clear framework and direction.

Knowledge Management

Establishment of practice around knowledge and solution management.

Planning and detailing are in place. Governance implemented with KM routines.

Knowledge in the organization

Sources of knowledge are identified. Content and content types in solution are specified and the knowledge is mapped and planned. Recipient groups and their use have been clarified.


Solution is designed and configured. Article design is found and validated against recipient groups. Super user and knowledge manager are trained.


Ensuring that the knowledge solution is adapted to use and possibly new strategy, new practice or organization - on all channels and interfaces.

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