- Experts: Danish companies fail big in onboarding and employee retention

Klaus Thodsen,
March 31, 2023

Summary of Klaus Thodsen's article:

According to Spitze & Co, the company behind the knowledge tool Responza, many Danish companies fail in their onboarding processes and employee retention by sticking to outdated work processes that cost time and resources and create individual knowledge banks. Martine Koehler Andersen, director at Spitze & Co and knowledge management expert, believes that companies can streamline and retain employees by changing their approach to training new hires and pooling the company's knowledge to increase productivity. One of the companies that has improved the quality of their onboarding process is Bring, which has digitized the process and made new employees more self-sufficient. Gregers Sander, director at Monotree, believes that digitalization plays a big role in both recruiting new employees and retaining existing ones. HR specialist Lars Schou from HR Company believes that a sense of autonomy is crucial for employee satisfaction and retention.

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