New display of search results

October 3, 2023

Dear Responza user,

The display of search results has received an upgrade, and you can now look forward to the following new features.

Display of portals moved to the left side

This means that you can filter the display by the desired portal in the left menu.

Option to filter articles and news

At the top of all search results, filtering options 'all,' 'articles,' and 'news' are displayed. Here, you can filter what you want to see results for.

Improved ability to expand a search

The search term is retained in the search field, so you can easily add words if you want to refine a search.

Minor adjustments: The number of search results is now only displayed under each portal in the page view, and the text for "no search results" has been updated.

The update will be available in the morning on:

Thursday, October 19th, 2023.

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