New search option - news

August 28, 2023

Dear Responza users,


We are updating Responza to include a feature that will allow users to also search for news.


For your users, this feature will solely mean that they will now receive news results alongside their search results. From now on, both news and articles will be visible, and on the results page, articles will be highlighted with the icon shown in the first result in the image below. News will be marked with the icon seen in the second result.

For your editors, there won't be any changes in the way they use news or articles. However, editors should be aware that news is now searchable as well, and they should therefore be mindful not to have news with excessively long expiration times (just like today) as they will be displayed in search results.


Thank you for using Responza!


The update will be available in the morning:

Thursday, September 7th, 2023.

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