Number of search results

November 22, 2022

Dear Responza user,

We previously offered the option to limit the number of search results returned to a certain number, e.g. that you never wanted to return more than 25 results to users. This worked very well for large numbers of results and to support "confidence" with the users. With the big search update, we didn't have this option, but we can now announce that the function has returned.

Those of you who previously had a restriction activated will automatically have this transferred, and you therefore do not need to do anything.

If you have not previously had a restriction, you get the default value of 500 results. We strongly recommend that you set a limit on the number of results, experience has shown that it is extremely rare for anyone to see more than the first 10 results. Some users perceive it as unsafe when there are many results - so it makes perfect sense to limit this number. We recommend 25-35 as a good value that provides sufficient results and balance in terms of security for the users. If you want a limit set, simply write to

As this change has no impact on users directly, it will be applied this evening/night and you will thus be able to apply restrictions from:

Wednesday,  22/11-2022

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