Opening/closing article sections

October 13, 2022

Dear customers

We have received a request from some of you regarding articles that have fold-in / fold-out sections. The desire has been to add a small function to open and close all sections in articles at the same time. This feature is now available and can be seen as a small fold in / fold out icon next to the sections.

The function allows to open or close all the article sections and fold in / fold out elements in an article. This makes it e.g. faster to search an article using ctrl+f or to copy an article together.

The update is available in the morning:

Wednesday, 20/10-2022


The button will be found next to the article's content, and follows when scrolling:

The first time you click on it, it opens all sections as well as the collapsible ones:

If you click again, all sections will be closed:

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