Update of "breaking news" alerts

December 8, 2022

Dear Responza user

Previously, you received a notification every time a news item was updated, and you received this notification for every single portal you had a subscription to. So if you subscribed to Portal A and Portal B, where a piece of news gave a "breaking news" notification on both of these portals, you would receive a notification for each of these portals. This model has presented a few comprehension challenges for some users, and the feedback has clearly been that it would be significantly better with a unified one.

This changes this update, so from now on you will instead simply receive a notification for all the portals that are affected by a "breaking news" notification. Henceforth, you will thus simply receive a combined notification where you can see all the relevant portals (See example below)

The update will be live on the night of 15/12, and therefore you and your users will receive the new type of "breaking news" notification from this date.

There are no activities for you as an editor/administrator and you therefore do not have to do anything in connection with this update.

The update is available at:

Thursday, 15/12-2022

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