Updating visual elements in connection with search

October 25, 2023

Dear Responza user,

In this update we introduce 4 updates.

The first update is the ability to customize the predefined text in the search bar.

You can thus adapt the text so that the message suits your users.

Write to support@spitzeco.dk if you want to adapt the text.

The second is updating some visual element in articles.

It is highlighted in the section overview which section you are in - so that users always have an overview of where they stand in long articles.

The third update is maintaining the search bar at the top of the article, so that the user avoids a click when they have to search further.

Finally, the search result filters are updated. If a search returns both article and news results, "All" will be marked as active.

If there are only articles or news, "All" will be turned off, and either "News" or "Articles" will be highlighted.

The update will be available in the morning on:

Friday, October 27th, 2023.

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