Our vision

We are passionate about customer service and driven to see how our customers’ service centers become even more sharp, deep and efficient after implementing Responza. Whether it is a public authority, an exclusive car company, a global furniture chain or system support.


We can say without a doubt that we are experts in the use of knowledge for customer service and our team has deep insight into the technical ecosystem around the customer center, process optimization and security of the business case. 

Responza was created 8 years ago, when the largest and greatest American knowledge solutions did not quiet match the way we work in Scandinavia and North Europe, generally. We are developing Responza with you today. Integration to chatbots, tickets and much more relevant is driven by your needs and ideas together with our knowledge. 

The team

Martine Koehler Andersen

Director & Co-Founder 

Martine is an expert in knowledge management and has since her Master in Computational Linguistics worked on optimizing customer centers, customer service and processes using knowledge and knowledge solutions. Martine has been responsible for some of the largest implementations of knowledge for service use in Denmark, such as establishing a knowledge base when the Police 114 was formed and replaced 57 police districts, or for example establishing Udbetaling Danmark from 98 muncipalities. Martine has worked and still works with the largest American knowledge solutions on the market and helps ensure that Responza is on the same level as them or even better. 

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Tlf: +45 22 61 91 09 

Louise Sejer la Cour

Knowledge Management Expert

Louise is an expert in understanding the interaction between technology and people with a dedicated focus on the digital world. She has broad experience in developing and implementing digital solutions for knowledge mangement and service delivery in both the public and private sector. You may meet her throughout your project from start-up, vision and strategy to training and implementation. 


Louise has a B.Sc. in TechnoAnthropology and a Master in global development studies.

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Tlf: +45 31 67 53 67 

Linnea Jørgensen 

Knowledge Management Expert 

Linnea has helped many of Spitze’s customers through implementation and realization of knowledge projects. You can therefore meet her throughout your project from start-up, vision and strategy to training and execution. Linnea has a Master in Management of Innovation and Business Development specialized in knowledge management and has worked 4 years as knowledge manager at Erhvervsstyrelsen. 

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Tlf: +45 60 60 18 01 

Joen Magieres

Management Consultant

Joen has significant experience from the public sphere and has studied management in private and public organizations, ranging from SME’s and municipalities to the ministry-level. Through the years he has particularly dealt with the optimization of the cultural and structural aspects of organizations. You will meet Joen during the earlier stages of your journey with Responza Knowledge.

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Tlf: +45 31 67 53 67 

Jimmi Hansen 

Director & Co-Founder 

Jimmi is a CX expert with focus on the digital customer journey. You can therefore meet him through the strategic considerations that will ensure a good ROI on a knowledge solution that supports the customers’ journey into your digital universe. 

Jimmi has been a prominent figure in the digitalization of customer and citizen service for almost 25 years. 

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Tlf: +45 31 67 53 67 

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Carsten Steffensen

Technology Expert 

Carsten is a technical expert in knowledge solutions and their interaction with call center technologies. For the past 15 years, Carsten has worked with IT development of knowledge solutions and has been at the forefront of countless integration and development projects. You can meet Carsten throughout your entire project especially with focus on integrations, technical clarifications as well as configuration and setup. 

Carsten has a Master of Science and is the technical responsible for Responza. 

Tlf: +45 40 55 68 81

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