What is a knowledge base?

Knowledge base, knowledge management system, knowledge solution, knowledge system, knowledge platform and FAQ. The terms are often used interchangeably. There are as many definitions and notions of what a knowledge base is as there are systems. However, the systems and their nature are very different. In particular, a knowledge base is something different and more than just a database. Here we therefore want to briefly and precisely define what we consider a real knowledge base. ​

A real knowledge base is in reality a complete one knowledge system (also called knowledge solution or knowledge management platform), which in an easy and intuitive way supports searching and working with knowledge after four best practices processes:

Collection and production of knowledge

Collection and production of knowledge

Management and processing of knowledge

Management and processing of knowledge

Distribution of knowledge on all portals/channels

Distribution of knowledge on all portals/channels

Continuous improvement of knowledge

Continuous improvement of knowledge

Best practice processes

Responza Knowledge as a knowledge base.

Responza Knowledge is a knowledge base or knowledge system that easily and intuitively optimizes workflows with knowledge.  The knowledge base is implemented before the collection phase, as shown in the figure, and becomes your company's tool in working with knowledge. Knowledge must be continuously updated. So that a knowledge solution canto support an effective work process, it must be able to collect learning about application and the applicability of knowledge sources.  

Responza Knowledge as a knowledge base helps you get your knowledge project started in the most efficient way, by ensuring a good start to your best practice process. Responza Knowledge is based on an automated learning process, where data about the use of the knowledge solution is collected and made operational for editors, knowledge managers and knowledge managers. A prerequisite for the optimal knowledge base is that knowledge is shared and available to all relevant parties. Therefore, Responza Knowledge can deliver knowledge on all platforms via a responsive design.  

With Responza Knowledge as a knowledge base, the distribution of knowledge can be easily integrated and used internally, as well as externally. In this way, it is effortless to create a solution so that the right people have access to the right knowledge in exactly the way that makes sense for your company.  

The essence of a real knowledge solution is:

Right knowledge, at the right time, on the right channel

Responza Knowledge supports all knowledge management, so it is ensured that the organization's amount of knowledge is used most advantageously and remains dynamic. By simplifying the search for knowledge, the possibility of immediately clarifying customers on the first inquiry is increased, but just as importantly, it increases the possibility that the customer himself can immediately clarify online.  In this way, Responza Knowledge can both contribute to increased employee productivity and higher customer satisfaction. Responza Knowledge is a best in class knowledge solution that follows and supports best practice knowledge management.

Such a one real knowledge solution, enables:

  • Knowledge can live in one place, but operate everywhere on both intranets and various websites.
  • Customers can search intuitively, like in Google, subscribe to information, give feedback, escalate to another channel, etc.
  • Employees can intuitively search and find answers to customers who call, email or chat
  • Employees can find low practical instructions for processes to be performed "How do I create a new customer?"
  • Employees can find relevant interfaces for task/response delimitation between departments in the company, other companies involved and between themselves and customers.

With a knowledge base, knowledge is processed so that the following qualities are ensured:

  • Content is adapted to the target group or groups and their needs
  • Content is adapted to the form of distribution and agreed guidelines for language, formatting, etc.
  • Language is correct and content is verified with relevant actors/parties


How to support a real knowledge base best practice knowledge sharing?

The solution is 100 percent cloud-based and delivered as SAAS, software as a service. Responza Knowledge has been developed by leading knowledge management experts from Denmark with continuous sparring from knowledge management experts in the USA and England. The solution is a stable standard solution, based on sophisticated technology, which makes it easy and clear to search, maintain and further develop knowledge in any organization.

Therefore, by using Responza Knowledge, you can achieve a standardization of workflows, so that customers do not get different answers depending on which channel they approach. This also means that internal workflows can be aligned.  

Knowledge base targeting the Scandinavian languages
Responza Knowledge has a unique Scandinavian advantage and has been developed specifically for Scandinavian languages. Many other knowledge bases function as a starting point in American knowledge systems, which do not search optimally in relation to Scandinavian and Danish compound words and endings, because many compound words in Danish are two words in English. As an example, a search in an American knowledge base on "child care" can show results about e.g. "beware of children". Responza Knowledge has therefore been developed as a state of the art knowledge base that can do the same and more than the American ones. Our knowledge base is a trained system that can understand the many Scandinavian compound words and endings.  

With the collection of several knowledge sources in one knowledge base solution, Responza Knowledge has, as something completely unique, cross search functionality, which makes it possible to search across several knowledge sources, internal and external. This means that Responza Knowledge, in other words, can look into its own and other sources of knowledge and thus obtain the right knowledge, at the right time, on the right channel from many different places. Cross-search makes your knowledge sharing easy, user-friendly and not least efficient.  

Responza Knowledge contains, among other things, the following key elements:

Content Tools

  • Configurable workflow that supports an article's cycle from draft to published to updated or expired
  • Immediate publication and import of common document types, e.g. Word, Excel, PPT, PDF, HTML and video
  • Presentation of content via "Responsive design" on all platforms.

Search Tools

  • Keyword and free text search
  • Intuitive search on categories, taxonomies or other metadata
  • Quick overview of the most relevant articles
  • "Widgets" that for example contain most read or latest articles.

Portal tools

  • Public portal with unlimited access
  • Access-restricted portal controlled by your own user management (Single Sign On) or directly in the solution via login.
  • Personal portal showing current articles and messages at login
  • Flexible portal structure that can be adapted to specific layout and display for specific user groups
  • Option to post articles on social media.

The benefits of a knowledge base.  

Overall, this means that your organization with Responza Knowledge as a knowledge base will achieve the following benefits:

Consistent and relevant information (collection)

  • Responza Knowledge ensures the retrieval of up-to-date knowledge using a centralized and accessible knowledge base. This means that sending customers from employee to employee to find the specialist with the right knowledge at the right time is no more. With Responza Knowledge, all relevant knowledge is collected and usable in one place.

Channel Strategy Support (Sharing)

  • With a knowledge base, knowledge sharing is central, which is why Responza Knowledge supports your channel strategy by ensuring that inquiries are resolved online whenever possible. Responza Knowledge was developed based on the idea that the best service inquiry is the one that happens because the customer finds the answer himself, which means that employees can work more efficiently.  

Increasing employee productivity (learning)

  • Responza Knowledge simplifies the user's searches and enables the employee to find a given answer or document quickly and accurately. This also means that new employees quickly gain a solid and nuanced insight into your organisation's knowledge. Responza Knowledge's intuitive setup means that new talents quickly become capable of delivering good and targeted knowledge sharing.


Low IT overhead (improvement)

  • Responza Knowledge functions as an accessible web interface for administrators and content suppliers, as well as a cloud-based delivery model that supports you to maintain focus on your core business.

How do you succeed with a knowledge solution/Responza Knowledge?

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