Easy access to the right knowledge is

paramount to performance and quality.
You get that with Responza !

The Internet enabled quick access to knowledge. The challenge is that the available knowledge can be placed in several different locations and is not always up to date and validated. In a service situation, this often results in a lower first time resolution rate (FTR), longer average handling time (AHT) and more inquiries via expensive service channels.


With Responza , you get a knowledge solution that supports your knowledge management and ensures that your knowledge remains dynamic, correct and searchable across entrances. As an organization, you can handle this from one and the same article. One article can thus contain answers to your online FAQ on the website, standard telephone answers for agents to use, and chat answers feeded directly to the customer.


Simplifying the search for knowledge increases the possibility for first time resolution, but just as importantly, it increases the possibility that the customer can immediately resolve the issue online, on their own.







This way, Responza can contribute to

  • Higher FTR, First Time Resolution

  • Increased employee productivity

  • Shorter AHT, Average Handling Time

  • Higher customer satisfaction

With Responza, you will thus be able to provide the right knowledge to the right person on
the right channel at the right time.

18% fewer calls after the

online FAQ was set up

In doubt if Responza is something for you?

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