Let knowledge grow your business

Analyzes show that larger organizations spend up to 30% of their productive time looking for or reinventing already known knowledge.


This can be met by systematically and IT-supported collecting knowledge, qualifying knowledge and not least raising the organizational ability to effectively share knowledge. It ensures Responza Knowledge.

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If only HP knew what HP knows, we would be three times more productive

-Lewis E. Platt, former CEO of HP

Knowledge Management solves silo-divided knowledge

When knowledge is divided into silos, you lose the knowledge foundation that you need to be able to be creative across organizational disciplines.

Knowledge Management breaks down the biggest barriers that suppress your employees' creativity and problem solving.

It's about making sure your employees have the right knowledge at hand so they can create the most beneficial solution to the challenge they face.

Responza Knowledge centralizes your knowledge and involves all sources of knowledge, so you can distribute content and answers to all relevant employees.